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NHP 3 Pole Circuit Breaker 10amp 6KA MOD6

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MOD6310 – NHP 3 Pole Circuit Breaker 10amp 6KA MOD6

Three Pole/3 Module Wide

6KA / 415v 10amps


AGM, being a LED accessories supplier New Zealand, is investing in research and development to come up with further economical electrical solutions. We have a wide range of products on boards that can be purchased online. The products we provide are available in different colors and models. We keep adding products of different designs to add variety to our range. We pay attention to detail on our products and make them the right choice. AGM provides affordable electricity supplies that are a need for the end user. We understand the need of electricity in today’s time and the costs that come with it. Providing economical solutions is part of our aim.